Faculty Members


John. R Grace

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Grace’s primary research interests are concerned with fluidized bed reactors and related multi-phase systems. Fluidized beds are used for a wide variety of chemical and physical purposes, for example in catalytic, gas-solid and three-phase reactors, drying, coating and thermal treatment.



Xiaotao Bi


Research Interests: Fluidization and Multiphase Reactors Electrostatics Green Engineering, Clean Energy and Sustainability


Naoko Ellis


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Gas-solid fluidized bed hydrodynamics Dual fluidized bed and looping systems Signal analysis Biomass utilization – gasification and pyrolysis Sustainability education


C.Jim Lim


Dr Lim’s research has been focused on the fundamentals of spouting and fluidization phenomena, and the application of these technologies to environmentally friendly processes and clean energy production.


Fariborz Taghipour


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Artificial Photosynthetic Systems Photoreactors for Water Purification Computational Modeling of Chemical and Biological Systems


Paul Watkinson

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Watkinson’s current research falls primarily into two main areas: Deposition and fouling of heat exchangers and process equipment Biomass gasification


Norman Epstein

Professor Emeritus

Research Focus (2003-2012) Hydrodynamics of Liquid-Fluidized Beds (a technique for mobilizing and contacting solid particles by an upward or downward flow of liquid) Dynamics of Spouted Beds (a technique for mobilizing and contacting coarse solid particles by means of an upwardly directed gas jet located at the bottom of the bed of solids) Fouling of heat exchangers


Martha Salcudean

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Mathematical Modelling of Transport Phenomena


Shahab Sokhansanj

Adjunct Professor

Dr.Sokhansanj’s core research is in feedstock engineering focusing on harvesting, drying, fractionating, and densification of cellulosic biomass. These processes add value to an otherwise low value commodity.