Graduate Students

Ruixu (Rachel) Wang (PhD Candidate)

Supervisors: X. Bi, C.J. Lim, S. Sokhansanj

Research topic: Torrefaction in Pulsed Fluidized Bed with Catalytic Combustion of VOCs

Email: rxwang (AT)


Long (Bill) Cheng (PhD Candidate)

Research topic: Novel catalyst for removal of heavy tar from biomass gasification syngas

Supervisors: N. Ellis, P. Watkinson

Email: lcheng96 (AT)


Haoqi Wang (PhD Candidate)

Research topic: Biomass residues potentials and strategies in British Columbia

Supervisors: X. Bi, R. Clift

Email: haoqiw (AT)


Youni Kim (MASc Candidate)

Research topic: Catalytic tar cracking using bauxite derived catalyst

Supervisors:N. Ellis, X. Bi

Email: yykim322 (AT)


Justin Pu Yang (MSc Candidate)

Research topic: Microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of RDFs

Supervisors: X. Bi

Email: justin.yang (AT)


Emma Moreside (MASc Candidate)

Research topic: Coke formation in microwave-assisted biomass catalytic pyrolysis

Supervisors: X. Bi

Email:emoresid (AT) a