Postdoctoral Fellow

Eric Dening Jia 

Supervisors: X. Bi, C.J. Lim and J. Grace

Research Topic: Pilot-scale biomass pyrolysis in fluidized bed

Email: djia (AT)


Ziliang (Jeremy) Wang

Supervisors: X. Bi and C.J. Lim

Research Topic: Torrefaction of biomass residues in a pre-pilot pulsed fluidized bed reactor

Email: zwang (AT)


Junnan Chao

Supervisors: X. Bi, N. Ellis, K. Smith

Research Topic: Biomass gasification to syngas for lime kiln and upgrading for renewable natural gas

Email: junnan.chao (AT)


Na Zhong

Supervisors: : X. Bi, J. Saddler

Research Topic: Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin

Email: na.zhong (AT)


Gaoyang Liu

Supervisors: X. Bi, D. Wilkinson

Research Topic:Portable electrolyzer for hydrogen production

Email: gaoyang.liu (AT)


Justin Hou

Supervisors: X. Bi and J.R. Grace

Research Topic:Dust charging and electrostatic hazard in biomass processing plants

Email: jt_hou (AT)