FRC Research Day Speakers Finalized

In celebrating our work for 2014, we are holding an FRC Research Day on Dec 9 in the morning and ending with a lunch. The event will start at 9AM in Room 202. Students will give a 3 min thesis talk, faculty and postdocs will give a short talk, or a  summary of conference attended. The speakers for the talk are listed as follows,

Speaker Title of talk
Dr. Norman Epstein Wall effect in packed and related beds
Dr. Xiaotao Bi Generalized flow regime maps for vertical fluid-particle flow systems
Dr. Naoko Ellis Situating Fluidized Bed Pilot Scale Studies in Academia
Hafizur Rahman Measurement of Solids Circulation Rate in a High Temperature Dual Fluidized Bed Gasifier
Badr Mohamed Catalysts as a Microwave Absorber and in-situ Improve the Quality of Bio-Oil and Biochar Produced from Microwave-assisted Pyrolysis
Ziliang Wang Local heat transfer between wall to bed in a conical spouted bed
Christoph Kaindl Attrition of VPO catalysts by air jets
Stefan Vinnenberg Liquid-Solid Fluidization
Amir Ahmadi Motlagh CFD simulation of Hydrodynamics in Fluidized beds


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